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Photo Credit : JD Dalton

Please share Your Photographs or Art Work of Fenelon Falls with us !

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* Submit a maximum of ten photos per email

** jpg files preferred no larger than 1 MB each
** Please read conditions below

We would love to include your photos of Fenelon Falls and the surrounding areas on this site. And for the kids ( of all ages ), if you want to submit your Art Work, we would be thrilled to be your ” Virtual Fridge of Fenelon Falls Art “.

If you are not the photographer of each photo submitted, we ask that any and all photographers have given permission to use their photo(s) on this website and/or in the associated Photo Galleries and Slide Shows.

We also ask that if there are people as the main content of any photo, that they have given their permission to have their photo(s) posted on this website.

If you would like to include a description or story about the photos, please do so.

We would love to give photographer & artist credits where we can. So please provide as much information as possible.

The file format most preferred is ” jpg ” but other formats may be sent. Larger sized photos are wanted so that they show up well in the Photo Galleries, but we ask that no one file size exceeds 1 MB. has the option to crop and resize photos as it sees fit.

Do you have a video you want to share ? Please only provide the Video Link to a site like or Photobucket rather than sending in the media file.

We can’t promise that all photos or art work will be put on the site. But we do promise that we will not use the photos for any other purposes AND we will not forward, sell or trade your photos to any other enterprise.

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